About Us

Dedicated and Experienced Crew Members

Experience matters in the asphalt paving business. Our asphalt paving company has over 100 years of collective expertise in the pavement industry, assuring our customers will receive the best quality materials available in today's market for their project. We know what our customers need. From installing residential driveways, new construction, resurfacing existing pavements, commercial parking lots, subdivision streets, municipal job sites; we know the importance of starting and completing your project in a timely fashion. We are committed to our customer's satisfaction. We can assist in planning and design to achieve the professional results you need. We utilize modern asphalt paving machines equipped with the latest automated technology to ensure the correct installation of your project. With our experienced machine operators and skilled crew members, quality and professional results are what you can expect.

Jim George and Sons asphalt paving team hard at work.

Our History

Since 1966, the George family has been involved in the asphalt paving industry. It was then that Jim's parents started an asphalt paving business. Jim and his two brothers worked in the family business for many years. It was there that Jim acquired his knowledge and experience in the asphalt industry.

While working for his parents, Jim had hands-on experience with all aspects of operating an asphalt business, including estimating, customer relations, laboring, and equipment operating. In 1983, Jim acquired the family business as the sole owner and operator.

In 1986, Jim and his wife Carol established their business as Jim George and Sons, Asphalt Paving. Currently, Jim, Carol, and their three sons continue to operate and oversee the daily operations of the business. Their three sons plan to operate the family business as their parents do with professionalism and integrity. Their three sons know what hard work is. Starting at a young age, all three went to work, operated equipment, labored, and acquired the knowledge of business responsibilities.

Your property is valuable to you, a well built and appealing residential driveway or commercial lot is an important part of that. The first visible part of any property is the entrance, driveway, parking area. Your driveway/parking area is all part of your property's landscape. From installing a new bituminous asphalt surface for your driveway/parking area or routine seal coating your existing asphalt surface, these services increase your property value and enhance the property's overall appearance!

With three generations of experience, family owner-operators on every job site, and experienced crew members, you can be assured your new bituminous asphalt surface will be installed and completed with professional results.

As experienced bituminous asphalt paving contractors Jim George and Sons, LLC. can determine the correct applications for a particular project.